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Fashion Lounge


Fashion Lounge

The Lounge which will be open to receive private and business buyer for two days the first day of the presentation of the venue and the second day of the show and Gala dinner. Celebrities, influencer and VIPs will be welcome to the Fashion Lounge to chose their gowns for the catwalk show, the Gala and the after party.

DJ Set

Couture Showroom

Influencers, Celebrities and VIP will find their gowns and dresses into our exquisite show room that we will make available expressly for this venue so they will be able to choose their one of a kind look.

Esclusivity & Privacy are a must in these venues

All our guest will benefit from our VIP Customer care and logistic to take care of the value of the items and to ensure the top security and care of all the items. Each dress and gown will be 100% sanitised after each use.

IFN Foundation

333g, Keizersgracht 1016EG – Amsterdam – The Netherlands