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Art Workshop

Ludmilla Radchenko

Vaporart by Ludmilla Radchenko

Art Workshop

Art Workshop by Ludmilla Radchenko

An Exhibition-Show that wants to be a moment of shared emotions, of interaction between Ludmilla Radchencko’s worlds that she interpreted with her Pop Art. An experience punctuated by futuristic performances and immersive installations, to emotionally accompany guests on the journey through art and light design there will be a dj set Claude Chall

Pop art

Ludmilla Radchenko

Queen of Pop Art

Ludmilla Radchenko was born in Omsk, Siberia on 11 November 1978, where in 1999 awards a degree in Fashion Design. In the same year she moves to Italy to work as a model, show-girl and actress. In 2009 she chooses to pursue her greatest passion: painting.

Instinctive and vital, her loud voice art, dressed with real life drives her toward PopRealism. Since December 2010 her first catalogue “Power Pop” edited by Skira can be found in Feltrinelli libraries
with a critic essay by Fortunato D’Amico. Ludmilla creates a painting for a champion of moto GP Jorge Lorenzo, for F1 world’s champion Sebastian Vettel, for the rock star Jamiroquai. Far from presenting the object again and again in an hyperbolic and obsessive way as seen in the “classic” pop tradition, Radchenko loads it with social content in open accusation to its exploitation.

In deference to the pop spirit, Radchenko, doesn’t limit her interest to canvas but spreads her touch to
fashion and design too .

Last Dinner of Power

IFN Foundation

333g, Keizersgracht 1016EG – Amsterdam – The Netherlands