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Venice Film Festival 2021


IFN Foundation creates the highest standards in fashion venues concepts through the most exclusive worldwide events, we create added value positioning your “BRAND” activities within the most trandy and presigious events around the world and in “THE METAVERSE”. We aim at the seeding of the new real life’s UTOPIA. We “Aim” at a more sustainable way of living in a better and more sustainable world.

Fashion Lounge

Celebrities & Influencers will wear designer clothes on the red carpet at the venue. Participating designers and jewellers will have the opportunity to dress the celebrities, influencers and VIP Guests.

After the huge success at Venice Film Festival during the “Biennale di Venezia 2022” different sustainable designer and jewellers will be present at the show room lounge by showcasing their collections at the IFN Sustainable Fashion Award’s.

Shop Items

During and after the event, the designer’s items will be available for sale on our platform from which we will take care of the logistic and customer care giving the designer an added value for their customer care.

Featured Designers

Amato Couture

Amato Couture

Furne ONE

Natasha Pavluchenko

Pko Couture

Nikola Putrochenko

ifn Runway

IFN Award Runway Show


Founded in 2015, TIIYA debuted in Arab Fashion Week, as part of the international fashion calendar, however, the first label that evolved into TIIYA was founded in 2006 and was the first ‘made in Qatar’ product asides from oil and gas to export out of Qatar. The Ministry of Trade had to produce the export license especially for the export of the garments which sold off the racks in Harrods before Harrods was acquired by Qatar Holdings. This unprecedented event was the pioneering move that encouraged a shift in the culture of consumerism towards being producers. The brand TIIYA today, is the first Qatari haute couture brand. It is creatively directed by the mother and daughter design duo Shaikha Alanoud Alattiya and Shaikha Shaikha Al-Thani, who soon joined her mother in helming the Doha-based atelier not long after the brand’s emergence. The Doha-based atelier is located in Qatar with six permanently hired Petites Mains who locally create and produce TIIYA’s wearable works of art, whilst also simultaneously outsourcing from numerous Maison de la broderie.


Vaporart by Ludmilla Radchenko

Art Workshop

Art Workshop by Ludmilla Radchenko

An Exhibition-Show that wants to be a moment of shared emotions, of interaction between Ludmilla Radchencko’s worlds that she interpreted with her Pop Art. An experience punctuated by futuristic performances and immersive installations, to emotionally accompany guests on the journey through art and light design there will be a dj set Claude Chall

IFN sustainable fashion Awards

South Beach – MIAMI


The Annual Fashion & Style Official Celebration

IFN Foundation

333g, Keizersgracht 1016EG – Amsterdam – The Netherlands